The Camera Makes the Difference

It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.

This is something that I heard many times expressed in many different ways when I was beginning my photography journey and deciding on the tools that I needed. I was made to feel guilty by photographers for desiring the best from Canon and Leica. I settled for sub par equipment and was not satisfied with my work and I knew that I had wasted money buying budget equipment. I quickly came to the conclusion that if I was going to exceed as a photographer that I had to have the right equipment, the best cameras and lenses.

My camera is my tool and if it’s going to be in my hands creating what I want it should be the best equipment available. The scenes that unfold, the landscapes and street photography that I love to photograph only present themselves once for a moment of time and I need the equipment that first of all motivates me and secondly the equipment that has the capability to produce what I desire. Feeling good in my hand, the Leica M10 is worth every penny and produces the images that I want.

Leica M10
Leica M10 in my hands, photo taken with iPhone XS