Fashion over Form

The streets of Breckenridge, CO are a great place to practice Street Photography. Visitors from all over the world are in a good mood, enjoying the town, and socializing with each other. As a street photographer you are hardly out of place with a camera at a tourist destination as everyone is taking pictures. The melting pot of guests from all over the planet makes for an interesting pool of street photography subjects.

I managed to get the photo below sitting on a rock ledge on Main Street late in the morning. I saw the subject walking with a group of other people but she was distanced from the rest of her group due to the injury. The leopard skin pattern bell bottom stretch pants, knee brace and platform boots really caught my attention as great subject matter. The photo was taken using my Leica Q which has a fixed 28mm lens. I had to crop and I chose to remove the subjects face so as to focus on her lower half which I found more interesting.

Ski fashionFashion over Form